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Nik Sarma Shargh Co.  is a leading frozen and chilled food warehousing company since 2013 in the second biggest city of Iran, Mashhad.  We are specialises in the storage of multi temperature product originating from, or destined to, the Mashhad and the home counties areas.

We provide a number of cold rooms to hire in static Mashhad locations. Our cold storage facilities are certified and suitable for use in the food industries, pharmaceutical industries and for any other business requiring a chilled environment to store products.

Our site is the most modern and one of the largest cold storages Mashhad has to offer. We also are recognized as the premier temperature controlled storage company in the region.

some of our present customers include, local food industry giants, Cheetoz and Chakels potato chips, Governmental Administrations, Agriculture Farms and etc…

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We offer storage space as under:

  • 14 individual rooms each with a capacity of 500 to 1400 tons (2970 to 4455CU Mtr), +20°C to -5° C
  • 7 individual rooms each with a capacity of 500 to 1400 tons (2970 to 4455CU Mtr), +20°C to -20° C

Why Choose Us

ساختمان سردخانه نیک سرما

Why You Should Choose Nik Sarma-Y Shargh

  • Modern Cold Store 17km from Central Mashhad
  • 9 Dock Levelling Loading Bays
  • Modern Room Control and Monitoring System
  • 7000m² Loading and Unloading Area
  • Extended and Flexible working hours
  • Easy access to the Counties main roads
  • Easy access to Mashhads main fruits and vegetables market, Sepad fruits and vegetables market.
  • Easy access to Mashhads main food products market, Mosalla.
  • Member of the ISIRI (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran)
  • Member of the Vice-Chancellor in food and drugs affairs
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Our Track Records

Since Our clients’ satisfaction is our first priority, we are doing our best and put all our facilities and strength in action to fulfill their needs. Based on our experience, having 24/7 access to the goods stowage methods like temperature and humidity is the most important wish of our clients. To attain this, access to our monitoring system is given to our clients.

Furthermore, SMS service is provided to give our customers their latest inventory.

In order to get access to our monitoring system, please send your reference letter to You will be sent username and password in 24 hour, which can be used along with the following link to access to your account.


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Nik Sarma Shargh Cold Storage

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